About us

Neilson & Co Wealth Management is an award winning financial services firm established in 2012. We offer an exceptional level of service so you can enjoy fee-for-service advice as we work together to create financial security and your dream retirement lifestyle.

A sense of clarity

Wouldn’t you enjoy the opportunity to discuss your dreams and goals in detail, and to prioritise what’s really important to you and your family? It’s all about clarifying exactly what you want, down to the tiniest elements.

When you talk with us, we listen. We’ll help you to see financial matters in a less complicated light, to learn about investments and the economy, and to understand other factors that affect your fiscal position.

Knowing where you’re going

We all like to know where we are going, and how to get there, and that becomes even more important when it comes to financial planning.

Your specifically tailored financial plan is the one that works best for you, no one else.

And while you travel along this journey, you can relax knowing that our advice is tailored specifically for you. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your financial planner is always focused fairly and squarely on your needs, your goals, and your dreams.

Confidence in your advisor

The biggest challenge for anyone who would like to start an investment strategy, discuss retirement plans, or contemplate any future financial planning is to find an advisory firm that they can trust. Completely, and wholeheartedly.

Neilson & Co Wealth Management has built its business on a spotless reputation of trust, transparency, and the confidence of their existing clients. We have done it so well that the main source of new business is referrals from happy customers.
So when you are looking for a financial advisor to grow old with who will see you through all the challenges, talk to us first. You can be completely confident that we, will, be there for you.